Boneyard Studios: A Tiny House Community


The Minim House Project

For most of us,  life moves so fast that we tend to overlook the little things. In this case the designers, builders and owners at DC’s Boneyard Studios took it upon themselves to slow down and literally focus on the little things. Discretely located on an alley lot behind a series of row houses on North Capitol Avenue, is the catalyst for a new movement taking shape across the country.  Boneyard is a tiny house community showcasing affordable housing, a green lifestyle, and simplified living. The structures can range in size from 150-210sq ft of interior space.  They also appear suitable for one person to live comfortably or ideal office/recreational space.

Their mission:

  • showcase creative urban infill on one of many vacant city lots
  • promote the benefits of tiny houses: highly affordable housing, green, simple, attractive
  • model to the country what a tiny house community could look like
  • promote DC zoning/code changes to allow construction/habitation of ADU’s (accessory dwelling units) & tiny houses
  • build capacity of DC tiny house designers and builders

*Current DC code does not permit the construction of habitable foundation built dwellings on an alley lot unless the alley has a width of 30 feet or greater.

For more information on Boneyard Studios visit here.


bone8Boneyard amenities include:

  • Beautiful graveyard views
  • Electricity connection
  • A 250 gallon cistern for gardening watering
  • A community garden area with 10, 4×8′ plots, herb garden and composting area
  • An open green space
  • Small fruit orchard (currently planted: 2 apples, 3 cherries, 2 pear, 2 fig, 1 kumquat, 1 apricot, 1 plum, 1 serviceberry, 1 pomegranate, 4 blackberry and raspberry bushes, 3 rhubarbs; planned additions: grapes, peach, kiwi and nut tree).
  • A 20′ shipping container for bike storage+workshop
  • Great neighbors
  • Proximity to public transit lines and bike lanes
  • Less than 1 mile to local services: cafe, bar, small grocery store, wood-fired pizza restaurant, hospital.
  • Security camera


Timelapse of Matchbox tiny house construction at Boneyard Studios.

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