MegaNews Introduces Autonomous Newsstands

With the entry point for quality tablets steadily approaching the sub-$100 mark, the impending death of print publications seems like it’s not a matter of if, but when. However, MegaNews Magazines, a Swedish company, is betting that their autonomous newsstand kiosks will help reinvigorate, if not save, the print industry. Each kiosk prints on-the-spot, high-quality, color prints via a remote server that publishers can use to upload the latest editions of their periodicals. Customers can browse and purchase the periodical of their choice using the kiosk’s touchscreen, pay with a credit/debit card and courtesy of a high-powered Ricoh printer, enjoy a freshly printed magazine within two minutes. The obvious benefits of on-demand printing kiosks are that they can save publishers money on printing and distribution and are environmentally friendly since they’ll help reduce the amount of wasted paper from unsold periodicals.

The first MegaNews Magazine kiosk was introduced at MOOD, a mega-shopping center in Stockholm, Sweden this past June.

Via Gizmodo